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Ultra nutritive natural Alfalfa


Re-think the way you feed your livestock,

with Freshalfa, feed better and earn more!


Freshalfa is simply the freshest natural Alfalfa! It is grown by VIRENXIA in the region of 

Salalah, Oman, with the greatest care and highest quality standards.

Also called Lucerne, this forage is undoubtedly the favorite of all ruminants, it is also the most nutritive!


Ruminants benefit from two major characteristics of Alfalfa:

  • High protein content is readily digestible and this digestibility surpasses that of all competing forages, coupled with higher nutrient intake.

  • Rapid digestion in the rumen makes Alfalfa fiber very valuable due to its buffering effect.

Higher beta-carotene than in other forages providing improved reproductive performance in dairy cows - increasing calf weight at birth, and reducing the interval between mating and calving.

It also increases milk yield!

Supreme Fresh Alfalfa


Premium Alfalfa Hay


Alfalfa Pellets


Coming soon...

Freshalfa products include:

They love Freshalfa!

Each day, they eat...

*Daily feeding recommendations as per international standards, for fresh Alfalfa (60% moisture), may differ according to animal energy use and periods of mating and calving.

There’s a reason we chose alfalfa as a major focus of our Agriculture division.

Cultures have been using alfalfa for centuries, and it is the beginning of a complex food chain which affects many industries from dairy to wool, beef and poultry production to horse racing.


The end-products, such as cheese and pizza, are worth billions more than the value of the crop itself.


Defining the standards of tomorrow for Alfalfa farming.

Ensuring a sustainable food security for the future.


When we change the way we grow alfalfa, and improve the quality of the forage, it’s the whole food chain that is impacted. Alfalfa social and economic contributions are countless and we are confident that our farming model will play a crucial role in creating a sustainable food security for the future.

Freshalfa is grown without chemical fertilizers and is a non-GMO product.

Certified by:

Middle East Trading Services Lab

We are always on the look-out for new lands and partners!


From fertile to arid and saline lands, VIRENXIA has the in-house capacity to turn them into highly productive chemical-free agricultural lands.

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